4th Day on T

Tonight I will have a friend take some beginning photos so I can chronicle changes to my body in photos as well as words. The week has been up and down. The initial dose of T seems to spike significantly day 1, then drops. I did not sleep well Tuesday night as I came home late to a missing dog and couldn’t sleep in fear she was in a ditch somewhere. (Neighbors called in the am having taken good care of her). Catching up on sleep Wednesday and Thursday has helped my energy. Today I decided to go to the gym. I got a breast reduction a couple months ago and can finally lift weights. It felt really good and I was surprised by my ability given it has been a while since I lifted last. I don’t know if this is really what happened, but lifting as well as aerobic exercise feels like it released more T into my system. I feel significantly better than the past 2 days. Who knows maybe it is just the sleep but it was a marked experience. I hike and or run regularly so I don’t think it was just the endorphins.


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