Two weeks on T and my first coming out to a client

Last Monday was my second injection of T. I believe the first injection was received at least in part intravenous. When receiving info on how to self-inject, my teacher forgot to mention to pull back on the plunger and see if blood comes into syringe. If it does you are in a vein. If you inject there having testosterone so directly in the blood stream is quite the high. I believe the intense high I experienced for the first 24 hours was due to this. When injecting the second time, there was no high, just even flow of energy. Also my muscle hurt for a couple days after the second injection while there was no muscle soreness after the first injection. Sooo… lesson learned.

I continue to feel good. Feel good in my skin. I am realizing this low grade depression I have had most of my life is lifting. I feel confident like never before – the boobs started the process. Reducing the size has had an enormous impact. In retrospect, waiting til I was clear about the transition would have been good as I recognize another surgery is needed. Fortunately, I just discovered my new health insurance (Colorado HealthOp) covers transgender care. I am waiting for a call back on info on top surgery. Colorado Health Op and Kaiser apparently are the only two insurance companies presently covering transgender health care. Good for them.

Also this week I came out to my first client. I have worked with her for a while, there is a lot of trust, she is open-minded and I figured would be a good one to start with. She was not surprised, having noted the haircut (she is used to me cutting it and then quickly letting it grow long again – it has been short over a year now), the breast reduction and the name change. She did say working with me as a male may be challenging given her history. And just ask I keep her posted on my choices as I move forward. I told her I would speak with her as needed free of charge should any questions or worries arise. So I would say my first client coming out convo went well. Gives me hope.


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