More Changes

One of my sources of income will be coming to and end soon and I am needing to build my private practice adding 1-2 days. I realize I am not ready to move full time to Loveland and want to therefore begin again promoting myself in The Denver- metro area. I just got off the phone with another Doctor of Naturopathy who I have known for years and is a referral source for this area. I asked if she had an office she would want to rent to me. I went into full disclosure about my transition to make sure it would not be a problem for her. She was totally fine, accepting and supportive; willing to continue referring to me and likely referring more since I will be so close. When I told her I will keep her informed about what I am choosing to do should I choose to fully masculinize, she said “I would hope you tell me as a friend but don’t feel the need to professionally unless you want to.” I relayed anther transman’s story of not telling his coworkers and them thinking he was dying and that I would not want to do that to her and likewise I would want her to know as a friend. She later chuckled noting that she sees a lot of “churchy” people and will be curious to see there reactions.

All I can say is what a relief!!! I have been stressing on so many levels about work and how this will impact it. I am so grateful to the support, love and acceptance I feel from so many people.


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