I got home from a full and wonderful day of work and decided to sit and meditate. Feeling my way into me I recognized a profound shift. Yesterday I had a session with my spiritual teacher. We ended up doing a ritual of sorts in which I presented myself, SKY, to Mother Earth, Father Sun and Great Grandmother Moon. I asked for them to recognize me as I am today and to bless me.

Before asking for blessings, I dropped into such a deep embrace of love, recognition and acceptance. I experienced my right to be like I have never experienced it before. Natural, flowing, strong. I sank into my union with all that is. And in that union I experienced the blessings of Mother Earth, Father Sun and Great Grandmother Moon. I did not need to ask, they offered freely.

I realize as I change and settle into the me that I am, with greater levels of T in my system, my energy foot print is changing. The universal DivineĀ energies I work with, while privy to these changes, also need to be brought more formally into the fold of the changes. This humble presenting of me, Sky, to them asking to be recognized was essential. I feel back in the circle of life again somehow, reconnected and aligned with universal flow. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for Blassa and Divine Universal Flow.



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