Coming Out Continues

I continue to come out to my clients as the timing feels right with each. Recently one of my clients and I were having a closing session as she needs time to assimilate. I decided it would be good to let her know what I am doing so when she returns, if there are any significant changes she will be prepared. When I told her, she smiled and said she assumed I was transitioning when we first met. We started working together before I knew this is what I was going to do. Something about this touches me. She is a highly perceptive woman with many decades of life lived. She saw me even before I was ready to see me. I have pondered this much of my life on and off, and yet when we started working together I wasn’t thinking about it actively. She still chose to work with me knowing/assuming I was transitioning. This just feels profound to me. The recognition and the acceptance.

Her response reminds me of one of my oldest friends responses to when I came out. A settling into her depths, waking in recognition and a yes of rightness. In her heart she knew just as this client knew. And I am loved and accepted in the fullness of who I am. It feels so incredibly good to feel seen and embraced for being who I am! Is this an aspect of internalized trans phobia I wonder: the surprise at being so fully accepted. I know in my mind it should not be an issue and yet my heart doesn’t trust. Or is it simply residue of childhood and not feeling understood or accepted?

Either way, my heart is full by the genuinely open and accepting reception I am receiving from everyone in my life. Clients have been a particular point of worry for me and so far I have been met with nothing but recognition and acceptance.

Thank you Universe for the grace and blessings bestowed upon me on this journey!!!



  1. I don’t know if it’s internalized transphobia as much as it is an awareness of the fact that transphobia dominates our culture.

    But I am SO, SO glad that you are finding people open, accepting, and affirming!

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