Just heard back from the surgeons office. They received pre-approval from my insurance company for the boob removal. I am beyond excited and a little nervous as well – I really do not like pain. But the pay off will be well worth it. I have been fantasizing about this for a while now. I scheduled it for June 13, so hopefully I wont miss too much work.

Everything is progressing well. Sleep is my only issue. Last night i did not sleep a wink. I took herbs that usually knock me out. It is an interesting thing messing with the hormones. Prior to choosing to walk this path I was going thru Peri-menapause and couldn’t sleep without progesterone. I stopped the progesterone and cannot sleep unless i take something. Herbs used to do the trick but no more. I feel good though even without sleep.

If any of my trans followers have any suggestions on the sleep thing i would love to hear. I hear it can go either way, too much or too little sleep. Also any of you who have had the boobs removed, i am curious – did they leave your nipples attached or remove and graft? If they left them attached, which my doc will do, what was the follow up like when they made them smaller? I am told it is an office visit with local anesthesia. But surgeons have rarely had the procedures done that they are telling us about. First hand knowledge is appreciated.



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