Post Op

I went in today to have the drains and staples removed. Looks amazing. I am bloated from surgery and digestive issues from all the pain meds so there will be no selfie today. I am very happy tho with the results. I go back in on Friday to get the things holding the nipple grafts in place removed. The doctor feels good about everything and thinks the nipples will be just fine.

I came home and immediately jumped in the shower. Man with the testosterone, missing a shower is difficult. My back is a pimple breeding ground. I gotta stay on it to keep it under control.

So the other day a friend asked me if I am grieving the loss of my boobs at all. There was an immediate no from my mouth. But that night as I lay in bed waiting for sleep to take me I checked in. Definitely no grief. I was aware however of the few inches of space in front of me that was no longer occupied. WOW! That felt liberating and right. So yes, no grief what so ever, just a sense of rightness, balance and integrity.


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