another coming out

So I went to a neighborhood party tonight. Brought a friend who is moving in down the street July 1 to introduce her. We are doing our own thing socializing wise until at some point I am inspired to go outside and join her. She was talking to a couple neighbors I had not yet met, well a neighbor and her BF from down the mountain. Anyways I walked in to the middle of something and my friend looks at me and says “perfect timing, I was just telling your story.” I chuckled, wondering which of my many lifetime of stories they could possibly be discussing (my life gas not been boring). Turns out they got on the topic of transitioning as my neighbor has a nephew who is transitioning and her brother has been struggling a bit with it – supportive but confused. So anyways, I was outed which I made a little joke about out of sheer anxiety. Turns out these were a couple of pretty amazing people, very accepting and loving and open. We had a great conversation. Larry, the boy friend, even slapped me on the back while shaking my hand in goodbye and said “welcome to the club, brother”. How cool is that?! I love where I live.


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