It is official

Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know that I will likely not be writing a whole lot in the next few months. I am officially applying to get into a PhD program in women’s and gender studies. Just got off the phone with the director of my number one choice: University of Arizona, Tucson, and feel jazzed. I was truly worried about getting in since I have not been in school in 13 years, I have zero background in gender, women’s or feminist studies (which is highly recommended), and as I study for the GRE I realize just how much I suck at math. The director put me at ease. Felt very welcoming and gave me some great tips on creating a great application and even encouraged me to make contact with a couple faculty members who could become advocates for me – which had been crossing my mind to do, so good validation. So, please send some positive vibes my way to make the path to grad school open before me, making it so my passion supersedes all my shortcomings.

And do watch for a writing I am working on that will take to task this video on why trans gender people don’t exist in the minds of radical feminists . I will be using this as part of my application.



  1. You’ve probably already read your way through most of a PhD (I joke with my academic friends that I spent the last 3 years getting my Masters in Gender Studies through independent research and that my blog is my thesis). Good luck with it and I hope you keep writing here.

    • Jamie Ray, Ha! This is actually one of the reasons I decided to pursue a PhD. I already have a masters and I am indeed self educating myself sufficiently that I ought to earn something at the end that could be more useful then my own personal understanding of things. Your blog is an excellent thesis – and fortunately you have all of us accepting and embracing people as your thesis committee!! Keep on, as will I when all this application work is done.

    • Donna – many thanks!!! Yes indeed this will be an adventure. And yes after much soul searching my heart really is in this – even while so much of me wonders what I am thinking going back to school in such an intensely academic program. We gotta follow our hearts even if it brings challenges. The challenges help us grow and become wholly who we are. I am ready.

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