A quick little post. As I studied for the GRE, it was suggested I start with a pre-test to see my strengths and weaknesses. Ingenious – I guess this is why reading the getting started section is important, as low and behold there it was as well. So anyways, I did. My top school requires two out of these three scores or higher:
Verbal – 153
Quantitative – 144
Analytic Writing – 4.5

I got:
Verbal – 158
Quantitative – 137
Analytic Writing – hard to say but I gave myself a 5.5 – no one there to grade it

I am completely relieved. I knew I would do ok in verbal and writing and with a little work I will excel. And I was shocked to see I was so close on the qualitative. Again a little work and I should do ok on this one.




  1. I’m a good test taker, but I always studied and took as many pre-tests as possible. The only test I ever screwed up was when I went out with friends the night before and drank too much. Live and learn.
    A lot of it is understanding the test format, how many questions there are, and how much time you have to take it, and then to skip any questions that you really have no clue as how to answer so you don’t waste time on them. Don’t second guess your answers. And stay calm. Good luck.

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