Touch up surgery

I went in yesterday for a minor touch up to my chest. On the right side he left a little too much tissue and it looked perpetually swollen. Also, while the left side felt normal and most of the sensation was back, the right was still completely numb. So I am hoping this will both make it look better, balanced and maybe get sensation back quicker. Oh and there was a little dog ear on the left he fixed as well.

Yesterday I slept all day, pain waking me every 3.5 hrs. Today it hurts but not bad. My energy is good. I now don’t need pain meds for 5 hr intervals. Back to work Monday easlily – which is good as I have an interview to begin teaching the Psychology of Gender at Metro State University. Gotta be awake and clear headed.



  1. I’m green with envy! OK, kidding – but… I can’t wait to get my boobs off, and that new job of yours sounds like my idea of heaven! Congrats. I’m happy for you.
    Also, I hope the touch-up surgery will have the desired results.

  2. Liam thanks!! Your day will come I have no doubt!! If my memory serves it is in the works, right. Just takes time to get in for the evaluation. Yeah I am psyched about the job too. Doesn’t pay much but great experience and a great opportunity to bring my form of crazy wisdom to mainstream.

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