Looking for some feedback

Hi all

Studies are going well. I take the exam November 21st. I feel ready to take it now. Ready to be done with it really!

For my application I need to write a 750 word essay that presents my dissertation topic. I find this interesting as I imagine as I learn more my thoughts will greatly change. However, at this point in time, this is what I am thinking:

1) Presentation on cross-cultural views on gender, including feminist theory.
2) Presentation of science that verifies the trans experience (possibly finding researchers interested in the topic and working with them to explore avenues not yet explored).
3) Thesis: Gender is complex and cannot be limited to or based on the physical attributes/genitalia of an individual. Trans people of all identities exist to heal the rifts between the sexes, restore the balance and equality among all people.

This is very rough, I know. When I talk about it – it is fuller and more fluid.

Anyway, the feedback I am looking for is “what do you think is missing?”. What would you as trans people or trans allies want to see studied and brought in to the consciousness of our culture today?

I will seriously consider all feedback and weave in whatever I connect with.




  1. This is just a nebulous idea, and maybe it’s already within your vision… something along the lines of how diverse trans people are, and how in addition to being trans, we are also just being! In all ways, shapes, and forms. And although research (the whos and whys, etc.) is important, living examples of just, people, is, in my mind more important.

    • Thanks you and yes this is already in the vision. As I study various cultural perspectives on gender there are a number that speak to a broad variance of people and expressions. See Challenging Gender Norms: Five Genders among Bugis In Indonesia by Sharyn Graham Davies, for an example. This piece feels extremely important for sure!

  2. There is a whole field of research into terminology around gender and gender expression, like the pronoun issue that’s been the topic of a few posts recently and probably in the past as well. Something that just rubs me up the wrong way, is the use of -ism, transexualism, homosexualism and the use of ‘a’ with words like gay: ‘a’ gay, ‘a’ queer, etc. I gues this is more a field of study for somebody in the linguistics field, though. If I were younger, I might have taken the bait. 🙂 Best of luck with the studies and the job, Sky.

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