PhD and GRE

I took the GRE today. I did great. Was well above the required minimum scores. Math of course I was not but I didn’t try to be. I did however miss the baseline by 3 points so really not bad if you ask me. I am relieved it is over and I did well. I did a final practice test Sunday and I bombed it. Worse scores yet. I was tired and couldn’t stay focused. A good nights rest and meditating before and during the test really helped.

RE getting advocates at the U of A – after talking with a friend who has a phd in psych, thinking she knows what is appropriate and what is not – I decided to write my 3 chosen profs (2 of whom I heard back from, both very supportive, one traveling too much to commit but open if the timing works, and one new to the program and not sure what she can offer. The one I really wanted to connect with who is heading the transgender studies program never responded to emails or phone calls – brief history). any ways, with the positive reinforcement of my friend, I wrote all 3 and just said here are the dates I am going to be there when do you have available to meet. This worked. Susan Stryker the one I have been waiting to hear back from was the first to respond. She is leaving the country December 2 but welcomed me to her final seminar on the first and meeting privately prior to that. So I got a plane ticket leaving sunday and returning around midnight Monday. Short trip but I am meeting with 2 of the profs for sure – the one who is traveling is traveling and I am guessing it wont work for him. And a full day gives me a chance to meet some students in the program as well. The primary reason for returning so quickly is my (nearest person I will have to a) son, fly’s back to France on Tuesday and I really want to see him off. He has been with me for the past 3 months. Minus a few weeks when he traveled to CA and Mexico. So a short but hopefully productive trip.

So I am feeling incredibly positive about my new horizons.



I am feeling frustrated. This job at the university has everything set up (emails, all system identifiers…) with my birth name. I had to provide legal name on all docs and even tho I clearly stated I go by Sky and am in process of changing it, everything says the old name. This wakes me up to how disconnected I feel from that name and how jolted I feel when I hear it. And now I really do need to start the process to change it legally.