Change of Plans

I finally arranged a time to meet with a couple professors at U of AZ and flew out beginning of this week. It was incredibly informative. Loved Susan Stryker and found her seminar very thought provoking. They discussed “Arrested Dress” – I forget who by. Covers cross dressing in the 19th century and so much more. Fascinating.

Also met with a prof in religious studies who was hired on as part of the Gender Studies program as well. Rimonim (if you are reading this) he studied gender fluidity in the Rabbinical Cannons. Fascinating how integral gender queerness was to the early Jewish writings.

Loved Tucson. The weather is amazing. And I do not think that gender studies is the way for me to go. It is extremely theoretical with zero departmental interest in application of theories for social change. Hmmm. And while so much of the topic is of interest to me if I cannot apply it in some meaningful way then it just feels like mental masturbation which I have no interest in.

So belatedly changing direction to Social Work. Its interesting – a couple people mentioned this to me early on, but I get hyper focused sometimes and don’t see the bigger picture. Psych might work as well with a focus on gender but SW covers more of what I am interested in in terms of policy and social understanding/ social norms around gender. Looks like the schools I have interest in, primarily due to location, have passed the deadline for 2015. So I have a year to ponder and work on my application. I will still apply to U of Az with a clear dissertation proposal that applies what I learn to cultivate change. They will likely not accept me since this is not their focus but you never know.



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