Gender: Psychological Perspectives Psy3050

This is the class I am teaching at MSU. We are in the midst of studying the development of sex ie. chromosomes and hormones. Tomorrow we are going to look at divergences from the norm – which interestingly occur as frequently as someone with red hair or twins (not considered abnormalities in science). I am showing this very well done film: to my class tomorrow. It has conjured up all sorts of thoughts for me and frustrations with our present system of sex and gender. Whenever we use one side of a spectrum, or one of many potentials, as the norm (ie. male, white, heterosexual, Christian…) we have problems. I am shocked by how science today still uses this as the foundation for studies to understand human nature, gender, sexuality, health…. I find myself fantasizing about a world in which variance from the “norm” is normalized and welcomed as a normal healthy expression of human potential.



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