Never thought this would make me so excited

In the state of Colorado the process to change your name is a pain in the ass. 4 steps to complete this are:

1) Get two sets of finger prints and send them to FBI and CBI for background check reports
2) Wait… when the reports arrive about 4 months later (FBI) go to court to file the motion – you will be given a form to bring to the newspaper for notice of intent
3) Bring notice of intent to local paper to be published 3 x over a 21 day period of time – They will send me something when this is complete
4) I bring the paper from newspaper showing it was published into the court again and hopefully get granted approval to change name.

I just completed steps one and 2 – and three is in process. Newspaper has it and it should be published with the next run.

The feeling of elation I had when the FBI report finally arrived was so unexpected. I think it is being one step closer to having everything in alignment to be me. The judge today was incredibly respectful, calling me sir throughout. When I asked if he would wave the public notice he read the statute and then said he couldn’t – oh well. I tried.

I am half way there. In roughly one month I will legally be Sky. Now I need to figure out what I want to do about the gender marker. A transman I met recently said he did name and gender simultaneously, by, at the end, asking the judge if he would change the gender marker. Seems like changing them at the same time makes sense. I think primarily of traveling and the reduced hassle, but even work related should I ever get another job job outside of my private practice.

If anyone has experience with this and thoughts they want to share I am really open!!



  1. Find out what the Colorado DMV requires for changing the gender on your Drivers License – you may not need a Court Order to do it. In NY you only need the order for the name; to get the gender marker changed on your license you only need a letter from a doctor saying that your preferred gender is your predominant gender – you do not need proof of surgery or hormones.
    Social Security is the same all over – the Sylvia Rivera Law Project has a good explanation of what is required, but you do not need a court order.

  2. Blimey Sky! That’s a lot of hassle indeed. In my corner of the world, I only need my official gender dyshoria diagnosis and a letter from my gender therapist. With this letter, I can go to the muncipality and get my name and gender changed officially and free of charge.
    (I can’t wait to get my official diagnosis.)

  3. Wow Sky, this is such an ordeal in CO! I’m glad you have gotten through the first 2 steps. The newspaper thing seems so archaic. I’m so excited for you to get through this! I can’t describe how good it felt to fill out an official form with my real name and gender. It was so validating. Here in MN all I had to do was file the court documents and wait for a court date. I had letters from my therapist and HRT doc but they didn’t even ask to see anything like that. The judge put a line in the court order saying he ordered the DMV to change my gender marker as well. If I had been born in the state, he could have ordered for my birth certificate to be changed as well.

    Anyway, congrats on being closer! I’m so excited for you too!

    • Thanks Haylee. I am amazed at how different the requirements are state to state. The states feel less and less united as I grow older and more aware. I am so happy for you that it was so easy and an overall good experience feeling respected and everything. Did you have to ask the judge to change the gender marker or did he just do it? I think I am going to try to get that done simultaneously just to have it done!!

      • I had to write on the name change application that I requested they order the DMV to make the change. I think if I hadn’t, he would have asked me if I wanted him to because he did that with the birth certificate , but since I wasn’t born here, he couldn’t help me with it. It was definitely nice to get both done at once. I’m really excited for you to get it done as well!

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